Буржуйская АИ, происходящая в современности:

Пролог (И развилка):

It has been one year since the 2nd Great Depression shook the world in 2016. Entire nations crumbled into chaos, although, the worst was felt by the Russian Federation. In that fateful year, President Vladimir Putin was ousted and killed in a coup d’etat by a Fascist-leaning General in the Russian Army: General Viktor Karzhov. As Fuhrer of the new nation, he forged the Russian Federation into a new and menacing state: the Russian Reich. Its flag changed from the white, blue and red tricolor to the black-gold-white Romanov tricolor, and placed in the middle of this flag was a black and white Iron Cross. The independent nations that were formerly under the old Soviet Union’s control were quickly swallowed up by the Reich. To the general public, the Russian Reich was hated, but somehow the Reich was able to suppress any feeble attempt of uprising and rebellion. But there was one man who would rise to the challenge and defeat the Fascist menace that plagued Russia, and the man that would revive the glory days of the Soviet Union. Hiding in the Ural Mountains with his Bolshevik comrades inside an abandoned Soviet military base, his name was only akin to an average rebel, but soon, he would be hailed as a hero of his nation forever onward...
His name was Rik Latyeskov.